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At RBS, we're passionate about streamlining your IT environment - saving you money.

We take a holistic approach, working with you to learn your business vision and goals; then mapping out your IT environment, skill requirements and policies to meet your needs. We'll help you develop a solid strategy that delivers measurable results: growing your business, reducing costs, and creating new opportunities.

Our extensive background in IT and knowledge of complex technologies, tools and processes help us provide you with expert advice, acquired from years of experience with customers across a wide range of industries.

Full Site Assessment

We'll conduct a full review of your currently installed IT systems, locate any issues, and determine the best course of action to improve system performance. Additionally, we'll develop a plan for ongoing maintenance, and provide estimated costs and prioritized recommendations.

Microsoft 365 Consulting

We're happy to offer the following services to help you get the most out of the Microsoft 365 Professional Suite. Go beyond basic email capabilities and unlock the true potential of this multifaceted business software.

  • Azure Management
    Protect your business with cloud security tools like Azure Active Directory, which provides SSO and multi-factor authentication to users, preventing 99.9% of cybersecurity attacks.

  • Email Management & Migration
    Need help migrating your email account to Microsoft 365? We'll develop a plan to safely migrate with no loss of data or disruption to your day to day business.

  • SharePoint Deployment & Management
    Not sure what SharePoint is, or how to best utilize it in your business? We can help. SharePoint empowers your teams to share and collaborate in real-time on spreadsheets, documents, presentations, databases and much more. And with the mobile app, you can access that information anywhere, anytime - on any device. So if you're looking for help digitally transforming your workplace, look no further - we can fully customize and implement your Microsoft SharePoint solution to meet your unique business requirements.

Server Build & Deployment Consulting

If you're looking for a new server and unsure where to start, RBS can help. We'll provide a server assessment, personalized recommendations, and finally build a plan of deployment to get you up and running.

Network Build & Deployment

Everything ages and your network is no exception - replace that outdated firewall or switch before it fails! RBS has the skills and resources to upgrade your network when it needs a refresh or create new connections in remote locations.

  • Firewall & Switch Replacements
    Like any other equipment, firewalls and other networking hardware need to be replaced when they become End-Of-Life.  RBS can refresh your networking hardware with robust and redundant strategies!

  • Fibre Network Build & Deployment
    Fibre interconnects between electrical rooms, buildings or other compounds on a property are commonly employed. We can consult on how fibre can improve connectivity and provide the services to create redundant network solutions within your network.

  • Point to Point
    Sometimes installing cable lines simply isn't an option - luckily, with Point to Point you can still get connected. Harness the power of radio antenna to expand your network wirelessly.

Security Consulting

Unfortunately in today's online climate, you can't hope to survive unscathed without a solid defense strategy - but don't worry, RBS has the experience and the expertise to back you up. We'll review your site and security practices and provide personalized recommendations to help prevent and mitigate any malicious attacks on your organization. We also offer Penetration Test Services, Security Suites, and Multifactor Authentication to vastly improve your overall security.


A vCIO, or virtual CIO, is a contractor or company that serves as an organization's chief information officer. RBS collaborates with and advises clients' IT departments and performs the same functions as a conventional CIO, including: formulating strategic IT goals, planning IT budgets, analyzing and reworking business processes, and facilitating technology changes.

We'll  help you to maintain and secure your existing IT infrastructure; develop long-term strategic IT goals; and identify opportunities to drive innovation, success and revenue.