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 Solve IT - Issues to Innovations

In today's technical landscape, a team effort is essential. Complexity is on the rise, and adapting to these changes requires a holistic approach. At RBS Managed IT Services Inc., we understand that a one-off consultation or occasional freelance support might solve immediate issues, but the ever-growing complexities demand a more comprehensive solution.

How we can help:

  • Hourly Consultation: Have an issue that needs immediate attention? Our dedicated team is ready to assist. Reach out to us for prompt and efficient problem-solving.
  • Managed Services: Tired of juggling freelancers and struggling with full-time hires? Imagine having access to a team of professionals to manage and maintain your IT environment. Our managed services offer a consistent and reliable solution.
  • Complement Your Internal IT Team: Whether you have an internal IT team or not, our specialists seamlessly integrate with your existing structure to enhance efficiency.

Be Proactive, not Reactive:

In the unpredictable realm of technology, when things go wrong, they need fixing immediately. The standard "plan to react" model is reactive and can lead to down time, and emergency rates, with soaring costs, making it challenging to budget. RBS Managed IT Services offers a better way – to be proactive and "plan to respond."

RBS is here to solve your IT problems with a core belief that preventing issues is superior to fixing them. Our approach involves designing optimal, secure environments that evolve your business. As the probabilities of problems approach zero, your business transitions from reactive to proactive planning moving from one that can survive to one that will thrive.

When you choose the RBS Team, you engage a squad of dedicated IT specialists. Each team member possesses a deep understanding of technology, supported by specialized training in niche disciplines.

Benefits over Internal Staff

Unlike internal staff, our Virtual IT department is only on the job when you need us to be. Why pay someone full time hours for part time problems? We also assume responsibility for keeping our staff highly trained, and ensure coverage for sick days and vacation pay, saving you more. Our priorities are simple: we keep your systems running smoothly and securely, letting you get back to running your business.