About RBS

RBS Managed IT Services Inc. is a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Reaching Beyond Standards – Making IT work!

We specialize in serving coastal communities with national reach, bringing our expertise, innovative solutions, and dedicated support team to diverse regions. No matter where you are, our team is here to make IT easy.

We take pride in providing straightforward solutions that ensure a smooth experience. With us, you can trust that your IT journey will be simple, and professionally managed, allowing you to focus on what matters most – the success of your business.

RBS supports Indigenous communities, Non-profit Organizations, Municipal Governments, Accounting and Law Firms, Airports as well as Heavy Industry.

RBS was founded as Rural Business Solutions in 2009 by Michael, and incorporated as RBS Managed IT Services Inc. in 2019.


Michael Macpherson

Michael has a truly profound knowledge of technology that spans decades. His life began in an analog world, known in tech circles as 'the before time'. Tinkering with technology as it was invented provided Michael with an unparalleled understanding of technology - where we came from, to where we are now. As he was there when the source code was written, his knowledge of 'the old magic' is beyond anyone entering the digital realm today.

His journey started in IT in the at the age of 13, boasting over 30 years of immersive experience in the field. This includes his role as a Senior Systems Engineer in the finance industry leading a team of seven, supporting operations for a global enterprise spanning 85 locations, located in 7 countries with over a 1000 employees.

He was responsible for the planning, designing and implementing datacenters, centralizing IT operations, and many other high-profile projects. His expertise extends to the adept management of IT infrastructure across diverse businesses.

Benoît Marien

Benoît’s 20+ IT career began in 2001. After completing his IT certification at Royal Roads University, he embraced entrepreneurship by establishing his own IT firm to manage individual clients and servers.

In 2004, Benoît joined Shaw Communications as a Tech Support Representative, later advancing to the position of Maintenance Tech. During his 15-year tenure at Shaw Communications, Benoît honed his technical, project management and customer care skill set in the complex and ever-evolving telecommunications industry.

In June of 2019, Benoît became a full partner at RBS Managed IT Services Inc., and stands as a load-bearing pillar within the RBS team. With an onus toward customer satisfaction, he was fundamental to the formalization of the methods and procedures crucial to effective business management. 

Benoit enhanced the institution of RBS by facilitating the advancement of teamwork. By valuing each team member's contribution and emphasizing accountability and collaboration, he transformed RBS from individual talent to a culture that embraced mutual support while ensuring customer satisfaction remains a top priority. This valuable improvement earned Benoit the affectionate nickname of ‘accountabilibuddy.'

Our Guiding Principles


We stand behind our recommendations - which is why we use the software and services we recommend in our own environment.


Maintenance is the key to preventing bigger issues from developing. By staying on the ball, we solve problems before they start.


We want you to have trust in us, which is why you'll always have full access to our notes on any issue that arises.