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Your documents and databases are the foundation of your business - fail to protect them, and you risk starting from scratch.

Fortunately, RBS offers multiple backup and disaster recovery solutions, so you can easily recover after a crash. Our tiered backup system offers increasing levels of protection, allowing you to find the solution that best fits your needs.

We are a proud Veeam and Veeam Cloud Connect partner; central to our Canadian hosted offsite backup solution.

Tier One

Onsite Backups

Monitored & verified daily by our staff. The On-Premise backups are stored on an RBS owned NAS hardware (Network Attached Storage).

Tier Two

Offsite Backups

Tier One Service PLUS your backup data will be encrypted, compressed, and transferred to our data center for a reliable and secure offsite backup.

Tier Three

Replication, Failover, Fallback

Tier Two Service PLUS our constantly synced virtual servers will be at the ready for fail-over at a moment’s notice, for minimal disruption or data loss. 

Backups are licensed and managed under RBS MSP licensing.

Optional Add On:

Microsoft 365 Backups: Eliminate the risk of losing access to your Microsoft 365 data; including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams. With our Office 365 Backup service your data is always protected and accessible.